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IG Post- Power Production in Gen Pop

Power Production in Gen Pop _______________ The number one fitness quality we all lose as we age is #POWER aka the ability to generate #force quickly is lost as we age. _______________ Meaning our ability to make rapid change of directions or accelrations, or for the elderly catch themselves when falling, declines. Studies suggest on average we lose about 10% of our power every decade of life, meaning we'll have lost 50-70% of our power from ages 20- 70 _______________ We can stave off the this natural decline by including power in our training. Here are 2 slightly more advanced variations you could include (as well as #agility#changeofdirection #spints#kettlebellswings #jumps #throws #etc) _______________ ☝️Countermovement Jump to Granny Toss- ✔Coordination, timing, tendon health, learning to put more force into the ground, transition plyo emphasis, easy once basic jump and throw mechanics learned _________________ 🤘Modified Contrast DB Bench to Supine Medball Chest Pass - Using a moderately heavy weight performing a small number of reps (we went 5, a little higher then normal) transitioning right to a ballistic or dynamic movement. The thought being lighting up to nervous system with the weight and taking advantage of the heightened state to produce more power

#power #genpop #throw #jump #benchpress #contrast #PAP

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