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IG Post- 👣"Basement" Tempo Runs👣

With all the rain this morning - I decided to get my ESD in with some Basement #Tempos. _____________ These are from the late Charlie Francis for his athletes when weather would not permit them to get outside (damn you 🇨🇦). ______________ These are "low intensity"- meaning you are at about 70% of all out. These is a low enough intensity to facilitate ☝️Active recovery 🤘Motor pattern rehearsal (running technique) 👌Improved endurance (systemic and local) ______________ I personally like these barefoot and on an #airexpad to get my intrinsic foot stabilizers as well as taking a little less blow to my knee (2 too many surgeries).

______________ Try 30/30 for 10-20 mins, always maintaining good running technique (better then mine anyway).

#basementtempo #charliefrancis #condtioning #esd #lowintensity

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