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IG Post- Barefoot Sprints for Basketball

An older video from years ago but still a good one. Might not do barefoot sprints 🏃‍♂️ now but the guys held up OK 🤣 ________________ #basketball🏀 is a game that the sneakers are absolutely brutal on the foot-ankle complex (stiff, a ton of ankle support, not a ton of arch/foot support- see @michael_boyle1959#JointbyJointApproach). ________________ I would take the guys through some of their warmups barefoot, and even give them some light movement skills. We eventually worked up to a sprint or 2 barefoot. ________________ The👣 will be working much harder to create the stability the 👟 usually provides, and the ankle will be set free to #dorsiflexand #plantarflex like it should. ________________ On a side note these guys worked so hard for me which made being a young coach so much easier!

#barefoot #sprints #basketball #jointbyjoint #ankle #foot

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