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IG Post- Extensive vs Intensive Methods

Extensive vs Intensive Methods

Client performing some timed drop sets on the #keiser as his #finisher for today's workout. While there are a few ways to create drop sets, here we keep it simple and reduce the load as he fatigues through the set, plus this is a safer method with the air resistance vs traditional load. . Since we are in an #Extensive - #GPP phase we chose methods such as timed sets, drop sets, and tempo sets to help build his base, tissue tolerance, and movement quality. These create more #metabolicstress to overload the tissue. . You can also cause an overload to the tissue with #mechanicalstress, but these methods involve higher intensity methods such as supramaximal eccentrics, max effort work, clusters, etc where the load is much heavier . #Keepthegoalthegoal and select the appropriate methods and tools to support. More importantly it's #Saturday so getting a good pump takes precedent over all! @wabad

#extensive #intensive #methods

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