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MNMR- Regeneration


If you are like me and in the Northeast, you are probably dying for the snow to melt AGAIN (it shouldn't have even snowed again...) so you can get outside and start enjoying life outside your apartment again.

What are some of the benefits associated with outdoor exposure though? What are some of us who don't get enough Vitamin D missing? I've linked some great resources for you to check out, but here is a quick snapshot of some of the benefits...


1. Reduction in feelings of depression, anxiety, and anger- being in nature breaks you out of a rumination (repetitive, negative thoughts) cycle and increases your alpha brain waves.

2. Boosts brain power- can help you overcome writers block, problem solve, and respark your creativeness, and actually enlarge your hippocampus in your brain- which is associated with memory.

3. Reduction in stress hormones and response

4. Increase Immunity- Vitamin D is known to affect over 10,000 processes in the human body, one of the major ones being it can boost your immune system. Also, lowering your stress levels helps this.

5. Get aerobic exercise without "exercising"- I have wrote about the benefits of aerobic exercise (, and when you are outside in nature either hiking, swimming, etc, it becomes more enjoyable then being stuck on the hamster wheel watching the 10 TVs at the gym.


Check out more of these resources to get the full picture of the benefits of being outside

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