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This weeks MNMR I decided to share a Youtube video but Dr. Mike Israetel, a professor of Exercise Physiology at Temple University and author at Juggernaut Training.

In the video Dr. Israetel talks about the pitfalls/myths of trying to lose all your weight at once.

One of the biggest take aways from the video I think is the idea about breaking down your weight loss goals into more manageable pieces- not only physiologically so you can get a break from hard "dieting" after a few weeks, but also to let your body adjust to new "set points", which he talks about in the video. This is a sort of "dieting periodization".

I am a true believer in this- as I was recently trying to put on weight (I know opposite of what I am talking about put same principles). I was hovering/stuck at about 218 (220 if I had a big glass of water). My goal had always been 225. With the help from my girlfriend who is currently pursuing her Registered Dietician's license, I was finally able to hit 225 consistently on the scale.

Before I was allowed to get somewhat lax with my eating- she made sure to stay on top of me about making sure I kept up my daily caloric intake for an additional 2 weeks. Finally I was got away from my eating a little because things got a busy, but found (as she puts it) I now OWNED the weight. I woke up everyday and still hit 225 on the scale. My body had adapted to a new norm, I had reached a new set point.

Check out the video and some other very valid points (Dr. Israetel has research backing all his information).

#MNMR #Nutrition #DrMikeIsraetel #weightloss #health

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