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Moves I Love- Drag the Mud Kettlebell Deadlift

While the name might seem a little strange- once you try the Drag the Mud KB DL you'll understand why its aptly named so.

I first saw this movement performed by Sokol Strength on IG and instantly fell in love. This is a fantastic movement as a deadlift warm up or a deadlift regression for a new or inexperienced client.

One of biggest reasons I am such a fan is because it really takes care of one of the biggest issues I see with any deadlift variation- a lack of lat tension before the lift.

When you perform the sweeping motion with the KB to set it in the correct position- the resistance from the floor helps the client or athlete to engage the lats. This occurs because one of the main anatomical functions of the lats is to extend the humerus (upper arm). As you sweep the kettlebell down- your are extending at the humerus, activating your lats and engaging the proper tension.

This will save many low backs and help groove a proper deadlift pattern.

Also important to note the time you spend dragging the kettlebell into place, you are getting a great isometric (paused) contraction in a proper hinge position- helping a newer or less experienced client to feel their hips and alignment in the hinge.

Set up:

-Stand about a foot behind the kettlebell (admittedly I had her standing a little too far away on the set up- that's what experimenting is for:))

-In a controlled manner- drag the bell along the floor with straight elbows (the athlete should not be curling the bell into place)

-With proper lat tension and hinge position, drive the floor away with your whole foot, completing the deadlift

-Step to the other side of the bell about a foot away and repeat for desired reps

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