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Moves I Love- Goblet Hinge

One of my favorite new regressions for teaching the hinge is the Goblet Hinge (Thank you Justin and Cody from Parabolic!). Check out the demo below (I apologize for getting caught up in Let Me Clear My Throat).

In the video my client is performing a timed, tempo set of the GH. He has notoriously tight hips/low back and has been put out of commission a few times due to deadlifts. Since we are in our GPP1- base building block, we are really taking our time and building up his mechanics so down the line we can get him pulling from the floor again.

Reasons why I love this movement:

1. Helps drive a posterior shift to heels

2. Promotes reflexive core engagement

3. Neutralizes excessive extension patterns (which typically leads to low back issues)

4. Allows client to maximize glute and hamstring activation while moving with a neutral spine

A lot of this is driven by the anterior load (front loading) of the KB. Feel free to load with a DB, medball, etc., as long as the load is in front of you. Think of it as acting as a counterbalance, allowing the athlete to actually shift their weight backward, rather then just folding forward, as a lot of athletes and clients will exhibit. At the same time, the position of the bell promotes a "ribs down" position, allowing the core to fire much harder and keeping the spine/ low back in a much safer and efficient position.

I don't have an old video to compare- but this hinge the client is demoing is a MUCH BETTER position to the point where he actually feels his glutes and hamstrings firing while keeping his whole foot in contact with the ground (his words).

Practical Applications:

Try these before a big deadlift day and see how much better you feel working up to working sets. 1-2 sets for 8-12 with a light bell is sufficient enough.

Side note- If you want to use the timed sets like in the video- you'll get a pretty good challenge with your core and grip while grooving the hinge pattern. :30-1 min for 2-3 sets is a good place to start!

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