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The fourth pillar that helps create a great foundation for everyones and their health/performance goals is REGENERATION. This is one of the most overlooked of all four pillars in my opinion. It has gotten more attention in recent years, but not many people properly execute this one.

Especially in the Western world- developing a workaholic frame of mind is the standard for which most of us are told we must have to be successful. Push, push, and push some more. That's the only way we will achieve our dreams...

In reality, this is hardly sustainable in any aspect of our lives to keep up over the long term. As we know, its not the short term that will pay off and get us to our performance goals or help us achieve our 'Why'. One of my favorite quotes from Bruce Lee sums this up perfectly.

The formula for this long term consistency was brought up extensively while I was out in AZ at EXOS and I absolutely love it (mostly because I am limited in my math abilities but I actually understand this one!)


So, being that most of us have no problem with the work part of the formula, REST is usually the limiting factor for most of us feeling good, performing our best, and achieving our performance goals whether in the gym, field/court, or life.

So, to make sure we make time for our REST, the most important part is to schedule for it. Make sure you get to bed in time to get 8 hours, schedule time to meet up with friends, schedule time in your day for your meditation or nap, mark down in your training schedule your deload week, etc!

'Regen' should be built into your schedule on a daily, weekly, and monthly cycle. Lets take a look at each and some examples...

Daily- 10 min stretching break

20 min meditation/ nap

5 minute diaphragm breathing before bed

Weekly- Date night with your significant other

Going to the movies with friends Saturday night

Leisurely hike Saturday afternoon

Food prep for fueling your performance week (nutrition is a big part of regen!)

Monthly- Deload week during your training

3 day weekend to go fishing


Practical Application:

Scheduling your recovery is just as important as scheduling your workouts. Without a balance of both, the formula does not compute!

Make sure to have your DAILY, WEEKLY, and MONTHLY recovery goals written down and scheduled out. This will ensure you can keep going for a long time without breaking down and keep you on track to hitting your performance goals!

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