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Hey guys,

I am going to start posting weekly something I picked up from my time out at EXOS- the MNMR concept. I am a big fan of this concept, as it incorporates everything I think is important for people and athletes alike to not only allow us to maximize performance, but being a balanced human overall.

Before we get into the Mindset message, lets break down what MNMR stands for...


aka GET YOUR MIND RIGHT! We'll be going into this a ton, and is actually what I would consider the most important part of the MNMR. Bottom line- to attain your goals you must be confident, have a well developed plan, have positive self talk, express gratitude, and be able to endure the bumps along the way to reaching your goals. Your body might give, but its your MIND that sets you up for success and keeps your going.

N- Nutrition

Food is fuel for the mind and body! Food should help us to maximize our performance. The vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, calories, etc allow us to either fuel to keep working hard towards goals, or it slows us down- zapping our energy and ultimately hurting our pursuit of our goals. And no, this doesn't include any fad diets!


This encompasses much more then just "exercise". This is how you move as a human throughout your day, not just during your training. Although during your training- we do want you to move well so you can express your strength and power without causing injury.

Another important aspect of movement is how beneficial it is for your brain health, just showing how intertwined our bodies really are. What's good for one is good for the other.


Thankfully, the regeneration portion of the MNMR has been getting a lot more attention lately. As humans, we absolutely BURY ourselves in our daily lives outside of training. We must be able to "shut off" and allow our bodies to heal and repair themselves for the next training bout (or just life in general). Just make sure you push yourself hard enough when you have to warrant the rest!

So onto the Monday Mindset...

What's your "why"? Why do you do what you do? What are your goals for you next sport season or training cycle? What do you want to achieve in life?

Most people don't have an underlying "why" or reason they do what they do. They lack planning or a deeper connection to their goals. This lack of direction often leads us to not fully achieve our goals or gives us an easy way out of working hard for what we really want.

Being able to reflect on a simple message, phrase, or even picture during times of stress or doubt is a powerful anchor for you to reaffirm you are in fact on the right track.

There are different tools and exercise to help with this. In the book Everyday is Gameday they have a great exercise that I used to help create my "Why". With a few dozen adjectives listed, you whittle down your list of important qualities or characteristics that are important to you (power, patience, kindness, strength, etc) to help create your Why Phrase. I will attach a picture of the exact exercise and encourage you to try it.

Practical Application:

-Have yourself or client come up with a quick phrase (no more the 5 or 6 words) that is important to them that they will write down somewhere and can quickly reference upon waking up, midday, before bed, and especially when times are tough. This makes the statement real (by physically writing it down) and also repeating it throughout the day keeps the message on the mind, helping you to see the forrest through the trees (bigger picture).

Hope you guys enjoyed- leave some of your own Why Phrases in the comments!

My own Why Phrase up on my whiteboard on the wall.

#EXOS #MNMR #Mindset

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